About Scriptbank

Present, connect, create

Scripbank is a matchmaking platform for producers, directors and screenwriters. 

Scriptbank enables writers to:

o            present their portfolio and new projects,
o            be found by labeling their projects,
o            give fellow-writers, producers and directors controled access to their work,
o            pitch projects to individual directors and producers,
o            collect feedback from peers and script-editors
o            join live meetings woth directors and producers

Scriptbank enables directors and producers to:

o            find and follow writing talent by profile or by project,
o            find new projects,
o            read projects in PDF online,
o            give feedback

Board of the foundation:                       

o            Maarten Almekinders, writer, script-editor
o            André Bos, producer Armadillo Film
o            Sander Offenberg, writer, script-editor 




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